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Our Story

At Corello we focus on providing quality products at affordable prices. We are always sourcing new products for our customers.

How we started.

When looking to replace the rubber insert strip on my Thule roof bars I couldn’t believe the price of the genuine item. Yes it had a textured design that supposedly reduces wind noise, but it was £20 per metre. That was far more than I thought it was worth.

I looked for suitable alternatives and found there was nothing of the same quality available. After much researching I sourced manufacturer who make the correct profile of rubber to fit Thule roof bars. Of course nothing is ever simple and the was a major issue. The rubber insert strip would need to be manufacturer in quantities of 100 metres. I decided if I needed this product then so do others and ordered the first batch of 100 metres. I soon sold the first batch and I was contacted by people asking if I could get more. As demand was there I decided to continue selling this alternative high quality rubber insert strip.

I was asked if the rubber would fit other makes of roof bars. Working with buyer and with testing I have found that it will work with other manufacturers. It appears that a lot of manufacture copy the Thule channel profile. To help buyers we also sell sample pieces that buyers can try for a small cost to ensure it will fit their bars.

We at Corello hope you enjoy our products.