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Reduce the wind noise from your roof bars by replacing the rubber insert strip

You’ve just purchased some second hand roof bars for your car. You fit them on and drive down the road only to realise they produce a nice whistling noise. You Google how to stop roof bars whistling noise and soon realise that your roof bars are missing the rubber insert strip.

The rubber insert strip on the top of your roof bars has two reasons for being there. Most people think at first that it is just to stop the bars marking objects fastened to the roof bars. Or that it is to keep items on the roof bars from sliding around. Whilst it does help with both of these it is not the rubbers primary function.

The primary function of the rubber insert on the top of the roof bars is to fill the void in the track and stop the wind making a whistling noise as it passes over it. The track in the top of the roof bars is there for the fitting of accessories such as bike rack or kayak holders. 

If you have purchase second hand roof bars are want to stop them whistling then purchase a new piece of alternative rubber strip from us. Each pack contains enough for two bars. 

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