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How to measure your roof bars

Not sure what length of rubber insert you require for you roof bars. Follow the simple steps below to help you measure your roof bars to ensure you select the correct pack.

  1. Fit your roof bars on to your vehicle.
  1. Ensure you have fitted the caps to the roof bars.
  1. Carefully measure along the length of the roof bar between the two end caps. You may want to get help with this from someone else. This measurement is what length of rubber you will need for each roof bar.
  1. Multiply the measurement taken in step 3 by the number of roof bars.

example if length measured was 1.2 metres and you have two roofs 

(1.2 x 2 = 2.4) 

  1. Therefore you would purchase a pack containing 2.5 metres of replacement rubber insert.

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