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Replacement Rubber Strip Insert For Roof Bars

We produced replacement rubber insert strip to fit roof bars from multiple manufacturers.

Please select your roof bar manufacturer below.

Replacement Rubber Insert For Exodus Roof BarsExodus Replacement Rubber Insert For Thule Roof BarsThule Replacement Rubber Insert For Vauxhall Roof BarsVauxhall

Why buy our alternative rubber strip insert?

  • Stop wind noise from your roof bars by replacing the lost or damaged rubber strip insert on top of the bar.
  • When fitting cycle racks to your roof bars you have to remove the rubber insert and cut it down to fit between the cycle racks. Now you can purchase this alternative rubber strip insert to cut down. Allowing your genuine rubber strip insert to stay in one piece.
  • Our product has been carefully tested and does not increase wind noise from the roof bars.

We have tested this product and it does not affect the performance of the roof bars
and does not increase wind noise.